Tech Page

Zoid's Stage Layout 8 feet x 12 feet

Zoid employs JBL EON powered enclosures, a system which can be easily scaled to fit any size club venue from small to medium-large, from a simple pair of 2-way 10" cabinets (180w) to as many as six cabinets, four 15" (2 2-way and 2 subwoofers) and the 10"s as floor monitors (1,040w). A stereo mix is maintained throughout, using a Mackie 1202 VLZ console.

The backing tracks are accomplished using an Apple laptop computer, a program called Musicshop, and a synthesizer sound module, which may range from a Boss Dr.5 to an E-mu Proteus 2000. This technology allows Zoid to score practically any musical arrangement that can be imagined, but he typically limits the arrangements to what one would hear in an excellent 4 or 5 piece rock band.

The guitars are played through various processors from his collection, and may include units by Line 6, Boss, SRD Rockman, TC Electronics, or Fishman. Zoid's guitars include a '97 Fender Jimi Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster, an '02 Epiphone Firebird VII, an '06 Line 6 Variax 600, an '86 Steinberger P-series, a '98 Ovation Collectors' Series, and an '05 Gibson J-185 EC.

Stay tuned.