No, wait... that's something else. Uh, well, anyway, this is

Zoid Asteroid Machine with Steinberger


He's said to be "not-from-around-here..."

There's this unbelievable story about him being an alien from another planet called "Vulva," and that he's over 500 years old (allowing for the rotational speed of his own planet, but not for time dilation due to the theory of relativity and the speed of light, yatta, yatta, yatta). What he REALLY is, is one hell of a guitar player, singer, songwriter, and MIDI sequence writer who puts it all together like nobody else.

He is known to have been in some rather wild and wooly rock'n'roll bands.
His life list of groups he has performed with includes:

- The 3 Speeds - the Bushmen - Dimension V - the Olive Oyl Rejection -
- Ironheart - SpeedFreedom - the Baraboo Theatre Guild -
the New College Singers - Bing Bang and the Entertainers - Wood -
- Yancy Derringer - THE... VERS -
DynaSoar - Lightning Ridge - The Blues Pirates -
theXpairOmentals - Connor & Zoid - The Crash Test Tickles -

He's on numerous records and CD's as a recording artist, and he's played venues as diverse as the Five Flags Civic Center in Dubuque, Iowa; Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Park West in Chicago; Headliner's in Madison, Wisconsin; the UW Stock Pavilion in Madison, Wisconsin; the Madison, WI, Civic Center; and Key West Willie's on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He conservatively estimates that he's played professionally something like 2,500 times. During that time, his bands have shared billing with many internationally known acts including:

- U2 - Loverboy - Ted Nugent - Cheap Trick - Head East - REO Speedwagon -
the Ramones - the Romantics - the Stranglers - Split Enz - Wall of Voodoo -
- the Greg Kihn Band - the Grass Roots - Leslie West - Adrian Belew -
- Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - Billy Squire - Dave Dudley -
and many others.

Zoid With 1965 Fender Mustang
with THE ... VERS (1982)
w/ 1965 Fender Mustang
photo by Carolyn Helmrichs
Zoid with Dean V
Zoid with Rickenbacker Light Show
You may have seen him in previous manifestations:
with Yancy Derringer (1975)
w/ Rickenbacker 331 Light Show
with THE ... VERS (1980)
w/ Braziliaburst Dean V
photo by Jill Dobson

He now plays solo, which he has also done previously at various times during his career, usually on nothing more than a jumbo flattop, but for some years now he's had this MIDI thing going where he writes all the arrangements, called sequences, played live on a digital sound module, which gives him all the sound (and more) of all the band members over the years that he could never get to do it right.
Well, he's doing it right, now, and he's doing it RIGHT NOW!

At the center of it, he sings and plays one of his many acoustic or electric guitars. But to hear it! The music is powerful, dramatic, funny, soaring, dynamic, superb... other live bands are truly ordinary compared to what this guy does.

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