Zoid's Collection 2.0 CD

As you may know, THE...VERS never did an album of their own, and recordings of the band are getting more scarce all the time. Zoid has been collecting recordings of the band for years, is always searching for more, and acquired some great recordings from Mondo before he passed away in August 2001. Zoid is now offering a CD, featuring the best recordings from these collection of THE...VERS between 1978 and 1983. The CD being offered contains:

1 New York's In Heat (Universal Studios, Chicago) 4:37

2 (I Can't Get No) Medication (Porter House Takes) 2:54

3 Five Year Love (Porter House Takes) 2:25

4 I Hate My Idol (Porter House Takes) 3:09

5 Crazy Boy (live recording) 3:55

6 Razor Ray (live recording) 3:04

7 Ono (Teach the Lambs To Fight) (live recording) 4:01

8 Broken Hearted Vice (live recording) 3:08

9 Provocation (the Lyle Sessions) 2:55

10 Was She Ever There? (rehearsal tape) 3:54

11 Mustang (Porter House Takes) 4:04

12 She's A Dog (rehearsal tape) 3:12

13 Come On Back (Porter House Takes) 5:29

14 I'm So Mad I Could Break My Arm (the Lyle Sessions) 3:32

15 Jocko (recorded at a D93 "Battle of the Bands" concert) 5:24

16 Slow Down (recorded at a D93 "Battle of the Bands" concert) 4:54

17 Rat Race (recorded live at Headliners) 7:30

18 Never Gonna Be That Old (Bill Schmidt's studio) 4:49

These recordings are of varying audio quality. One, "New York's in Heat," was recorded at a major studio; some were made at smaller studios; some are from home recordings (the Porter House Takes); and some are live recordings done off the band's mixing console, at rehearsal and in live performance. They have weathered to varying degrees over the years, having been played many times. However, they were played many times due to the fact that they were very special recordings, and are not diminished by their ultimate audio fidelity. They make up a great collection, and do a superlative job of bringing back the glory of those great times. After all, the music was the bottom line.

If you are looking for a studio album of THE...VERS... sorry, it doesn't exist, and never will. This is a solid 73+ minutes of the best recordings of THE...VERS known to exist at this time, all with Mondo on vocals, singing his wonderful songs, the band kicking ass, and all are unmistakeably genuine. I've lovingly remastered all the cuts in ProTools to make the sound as good as it can be.

If you were a fan of THE...VERS, you NEED THIS COLLECTION. If you never heard of THE...VERS before, you'll be amazed that you never did after hearing it.

If you are interested in having me make you one, the price is $20, postpaid, for an 18-song Compact Disc, burned, hand-signed and dated by me, with jewel case. Due to the fact that each is individually "burned" on a CD-R drive, it's conceivable that it may not play on every CD player ever made, but compatibility results so far have been 100% (I have not found a single player yet that it won't play on; it plays perfectly in my picky Chrysler minivan, which occasionally won't play some commercial releases!).

-Zoid's addendum January '04: Recently completed is Version 2.0 of this CD. I have recently aquired a couple of programs that are helping to remove a bit of the tape hiss that exists on these recordings, which requires that I start from scratch and remaster each song. For those that have already purchased the CD, don't feel bad, it's not a huge difference. I just can't help but try to make it sound the best I can.

Also, contrary to the picture below, I am no longer putting paper labels on them, as I've discovered that if the environment gets a bit too humid, the label bubbles and warps, and kinda looks like crap, so that's the end of that. I can't afford to do a big enough run to have them commercially produced and silkscreened; let's just say that the cadre of THE...VERS fans worldwide is still a rather elite and exclusive fraternity!

If you are not satisfied for ANY reason,
your money will be cheerfully REFUNDED.

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